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This is the first webinar, and the only one to date, that introduce new concepts that enhance internal audit's approach to 2020 and beyond. Learning about new approaches like Risk profiling, different than risk assessment, and several others enhanced processes will position internal audit at the center of the new normal. It is more complete, more holistic and more efficient.

Arguably, the ability of a business to respond to events has proven much more valuable than the ability to predict, or one could say, not predict, risk events. Should ERM focus on response more than prediction? We should at least ask the question. As auditors we need to ensure that the business has updated its ERM process. Learn how that process should look from this webinar.

How do AI and Data Robots play a part in the new generation of risk management? And finally, Governance, which plays a big role in response, should be strong so how do we know our governance programs are effective?  All of these aspects are valuable and important for an internal auditor to master. Learn how to do that with this webinar.

Explore these topics from a somewhat radical but progressive perspective.


Why you should Attend

COVID-19 has prompted, and will prompt, analysis of many aspects of governments, society and business. So, this may be the time to revisit the risk management processes we have established in our businesses and confirm that they are adequate. I do not think that they are and what COVID-19 has done is highlight some inherent weaknesses of present processes. 

That does not mean that the current process is bad but rather just incomplete. It is the ideal time to recognize the gaps and address them on the go forward. As risk management continues to evolve we should be part of that evolution and this Webinar may very well start the conversation.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Understand the meaning of G.R.I.P
  • Learn details of a strong Governance Program
  • Discover the value of data robots and AI in risk management processes
  • Build on how to excel and responding to risk events
  • Confirm the role of risk assessment and see why profiling is better
  • Examine the value of Risk Profiling for businesses

Who Will Benefit

  • Risk Managers
  • Audit Leaders
  • Auditors
  • Senior Management
  • Members of the Board of Directors
  • Operational Risk Staff
  • Compliance Risk Staff

Speaker Profile

Daniel A Clark has over 25 years of experience in Financial Services from regional banks to global giants like Citigroup and GE Capital. His early career roles included: sales, credit risk management and operations. For the last 18 years he has been fully focused on Risk Management and Internal Audit.

His experience as Chief Auditor in two regional banks and as a senior officer in Audit and Risk Review for Latin America provides unique insight into management practices in and outside of the United States. He is also a recognized expert on GRC, a Public Speaker and Blogger and has written a book; Dare to Be Different: An Auditors Personal Guide to Excellence: that has been well received by the audit community.