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Learn immediately actionable best practices that you can use to build stronger teams that work at maximum performance and productivity together, achieve team and organizational goals.

Why you should Attend

The future of work is sharing.  We are now in the era of workplace collaboration and collaborative communities, the Open Source Movement.  The days of hoarding information, developing proprietary intellectual capital that is selfishly held under organizational “lock and key” is so…20th Century. In today’s era of Big Data, mobile processing, cloud computing and virtual work teams, organizations that embrace collaboration gain lasting competitive advantage. Successful organizations understand that in order to maintain their competitive advantage, they have no choice but to collaborate their way to lasting success.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • The 5-stage team-building process required for developing high performance teams
  • How to build and empower self-managed/self-directed teams
  • The importance of establishing trust and the democratization of team-based decision-making
  • PERFORM acronym for the most desirable attributes/characteristics of high performing teams
  • Apply the four types of conflict resolution strategy (win-win; win-lose; lose-win; lose-lose) Each of these can be appropriate for effective conflict resolution but must be applied in the right circumstances
  • How to embrace interpersonal relationships that ensure effective working together based on many different styles of work behavior/personality (Drivers, Analyticals, Expressives, Amiables)
  • Incorporate best practices of the Socratic debate method utilizing opposition viewpoints
  • Work collaboratively in a virtual distance new work environment
  • Breaking projects into sprints and scrums instead of meetings
  • Avoid damaging aspects of group-think

Who Will Benefit

  • All professionals who work collaboratively in teams including: product\development/R&D, software development, programmers/coders, website developers,account management teams.

Speaker Profile

Ethan Chazin is a New York-based business coach. He works with C-Suite leadership teams to increase their organizational profitability by improving employee productivity and performance through training & development. In the process, he consults with his clients to transform their culture, focusing on creating pro-employee environments using empowerment & engagement.

In his latest book, The Compassionate Organization, he synthesizes his nearly ten years of research into the characteristics that all amazing organizations share into one key attribute required for lasting success: compassionate organizational cultures.