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Effective presentation skills are crucial to a successful career. You need to know how to present your ideas, projects, strategies, plans, and products in front of an audience.

While most people are probably used to giving presentations face-to-face, today's business world has gone almost entirely virtual. But that doesn't mean that you get a free pass out of doing your presentations. In fact, it's quite the contrary. Now you need to learn how to do it effectively in a virtual environment!

Presentation skills are even more vital these days because we are living in the digital era. The goal of a presentation is to communicate with anywhere from 2 to 10,000 people at a time. Because they are so different from face-to-face presentations, they need to be even more meaningful, inspirational, creative, memorable, and informational.

Regardless of the industry you are in, every presentation that you give is an opportunity to demonstrate your competence as a business professional. Your skills have a direct impact on your credibility and reputation, so it's important to make a positive impact.

But most people are not formally trained on how to give an effective presentation. Instead, most people "wing it," and are not very organized. They may think that they are organized, but many times, the audience does not agree.

Therefore, it is vital to learn all aspects of presentation skills.

You need to learn how to grab and hold the audience's attention from your very first word. You need to give an overall preview of what you are going to talk about so that your audience can follow what you are saying in a logical manner.
You also need to decide on what the main points are of your speech. You have to choose the most relevant and important information to include, and also have credible sources and statistics to back up your arguments.

You also want to make sure that each main point of your presentation is tied together very logically. The audience should not think that you are rambling and wonder where you are going with your message. You have to be very on-point.

Concluding the presentation is just as important. Too often, a speaker will just end too abruptly. When that happens the audience is left confused and wondering if the presentation is over or not. Therefore, you need to know how to make the closing statements powerful and memorable.

Your delivery style in a virtual environment is critically important too. Too many people do not give enough thought to the background, lighting, audio, and visual aids of the presentation. Since most people are probably at home while they are speaking, sometimes they feel too "comfortable" and forget to make the presentation as formal and professional as they would if they were in person. If you don't pay special attention to these aspects, your speech will come across as sloppy, and you will lose credibility as a result.

As you can see, knowing how to give an effective presentation online is a skill that all business professionals need to have in the 21st century. This webinar will teach you all the skills you need to know to give a memorable presentation with a lasting impact.

Why you should Attend

Lately, the whole business world seems to be moving from face-to-face to virtual. While many people are comfortable with technology, some people are not - and that leads to fear. Communicating at a distance has many disadvantages and challenges that need to be overcome. It is common for people to feel fearful of how they should conduct a presentation in a virtual environment.

Most companies are not seeing each other in person anymore, and that includes when someone does a presentation. But how exactly are you supposed to give an effective speech when you are behind your computer screen? Most people are used to doing them face-to-face, so there is a lot of uncertainty about how to get your message across while presenting online.
That leads to doubt. What kind of background should I have? What about the lighting? What kinds of visual aids are appropriate? What do I do to encourage audience questions and/or participation?

These are all questions that can and will be answered in this webinar. Knowing how to give an effective presentation in a virtual environment is the key to your success in the future. Without knowing how to get a powerful message across to your online audience, you cannot get the results that you desire in your career. So, it all starts right here – with knowing how to conduct the perfect virtual presentation.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • How to grab and keep the audience's attention
  • Organizational strategies for an effective presentation
  • How to conclude a presentation for lasting impact
  • Do's and don'ts of visual aids
  • Background
  • Lighting and audio

Who Will Benefit

  • Professional who gives Presentations as part of their Career

Speaker Profile

Dr. Carol Morgan is a professor at Wright State University, a success expert, and also a relationship coach. She earned her Ph.D. in communication from the University of Nebraska and has personally taught thousands of people many life-changing strategies in her classrooms, workshops, books, videos, articles, as well as on the radio and television.

She has also spent many years presenting research at professional conferences, as well as doing consulting, training and workshops for businesses, schools, organizations, and the general public. She has worked with groups of all kinds - from network marketing companies to hostage negotiation teams.

In addition, she is a keynote speaker, the author of several books, and a regular expert for the following: Living Dayton TV show, eHow.com, Lifehack, and Inspiyr.com (member of their expert network). She also owns the website HerSideHisSide.com, a relationship advice site that writes from both the male and female perspectives. Furthermore, she also writes articles for various other motivational websites and magazines, including The Huffington Post. Her articles have been shared on social media millions of times. To contact her, visit her websites at: DrCarolMorgan.com and HerSideHisSide.com.