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Learn immediately actionable best practices that you can use to build a culture of amazing customer service built on delivering moments of “WOW!” We dive into best practices that can be universally applied to all customer care situations. 

Why you should Attend

Most organizations disincentivize their employees who are responsible for delivering customer care. The management team creates toxic workplace environments; they don't hire/recruit the right individuals who are driven to excel at delivering customer care and fail to empower/motivate their customer service professionals to actually deliver exceptional service. This topic will help the persons responsible for delivering care to your customers to be able to treat your clients like the second most invaluable asset they truly are, behind ONLY your employees.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Keys to exceptional customer care
  • Empower your customer care employees to deliver exceptional service
  • Create a customer service employee autonomy of work audit - to understand how empowered are your service people
  • Create self-directed customer care Teams
  • Give your service employees all the skills, tools, training, support, coaching, reward, recognition they need to be exceptional
    Build a culture of values, empathy and caring
  • Fire managers, hire transformational leaders
  • Intrinsic/Extrinsic Motivation - Theory X/Y
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy Needs/5 Universal Humanistic Needs we all possess

Who Will Benefit

  • Business owners
  • Senior leadership teams
  • Sales and Customer Service Representatives
  • All client-facing staff

Speaker Profile

Ethan Chazin is a New York-based business coach. He works with C-Suite leadership teams to increase their organizational profitability by improving employee productivity and performance through training & development. In the process, he consults with his clients to transform their culture, focusing on creating pro-employee environments using empowerment & engagement.

In his latest book, The Compassionate Organization, he synthesizes his nearly ten years of research into the characteristics that all amazing organizations share into one key attribute required for lasting success: compassionate organizational cultures.