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Learn immediately actionable best practices that you can use to transform your organization’s culture from ‘good enough’ to great, in order maintain lasting competitive advantage in any economic climate and to navigate any/all threats to best leverage opportunities.

Why you should Attend

Sales is an inherently "HUMAN" endeavor.  A fact many "Sales" people seem to ignore. All successful Sales professionals perform at their best, when they are forging powerful relationships as Servant Masters to exceed their client's wants, needs, and desires.  during this informative, educational, entertaining and THOUGHT-PROVOKING course you will obtain immediately actionable best strategies you can apply to grow your book of business by leveraging empathy and emotional intelligence.  Effectively transition your sales approach from being a transactional "BUY FROM ME" order-taker to a relationship-cultivator and maximize your sales productivity/profitability.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Rearchitect your vision, mission, and values for a solid foundation
  • Why great cultures demand you focus on your employees wants, needs, desires
  • The war on talent is long past. You either won or you lost
  • Ethical behavior matters
  • Reward, recognize, empower, coach, train, motivate, lead your people
  • Recruit, hire, retain super heroes using talent acquisition strategies that leverage best qualities, not to fill vacancies
  • Diversity, belonging, inclusion
  • Culture requires emotional intelligence
  • Conduct a human capital audit to match each employees’ strengths, background and experience with your organization’s needs, challenges.

Who Will Benefit

  • Business owners
  • Senior leadership teams
  • HR professionals
  • Executives responsible for employee training and development
  • Entrepreneurs

Speaker Profile

Ethan Chazin is a New York-based business coach. He works with C-Suite leadership teams to increase their organizational profitability by improving employee productivity and performance through training & development. In the process, he consults with his clients to transform their culture, focusing on creating pro-employee environments using empowerment & engagement.

In his latest book, The Compassionate Organization, he synthesizes his nearly ten years of research into the characteristics that all amazing organizations share into one key attribute required for lasting success: compassionate organizational cultures.