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Jack Gottlieb

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Total Solutions Group,

Jack Gottlieb is a highly accomplished senior executive with two decades of proven high-level success in building and turning around organizations to achieve their optimal potential and performance. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Total Solutions Group, a strategic consulting and results-based training firm. TSG brings a distinct capability and breakthrough thinking in culture transformation, strategic planning, growth, M&A integration, leadership development (executive level down to first-time managers), and change management.

Jack has driven $2.75 billion in ROI for their clients in growth, profitability, innovation, and efficiency. This includes helping to lead 15 M&As and ten turnarounds from inception to implementation while starting four new business units. Some of his clients are Gaming Labs International, Bosch, Johnson Controls, Mountain America Credit Union, Microsoft, Novartis, and Genentech.

Some of the transformation TSG has achieved includes: ? Growth: Led the cultural and strategic transformation of a global market leader to have the operating and leadership structure needed to be more decisive, agile, and future-ready, further strengthening its core business line and integrating four new business verticals. The overall global impact was a 125% increase in revenue and a 17% increase in EBITDA. ? Capability: Helped take a $5 billion organization and double it to $10 billion in 18 months (less than their initial 10-year projection). This involved the transformation and integration of their business model and a re-engineered approach to talent development on building capability - not developing skills. ? Culture: Transformed a Fortune 100 global company’s Silicon Valley site (12 business units and 7 corporate research departments) by building and activating a site identity, culture, and strategy to fully align the teams on driving greater impact, innovation, and growth to measurably “Make Life Better” while leading the global future of their organization.

Outside of work, Jack lives with his family in Jackson, NJ. Jack and his son Brandon are diehard Philadelphia Eagles fans. His wife, Jennifer, and daughter, Allison, are NY Giants Fans. That is an in-house culture problem all to itself, so he has an obvious passion for culture-driven solutions.

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