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Alan Bland

Independent Utilities Professional, AB-ility Consultancy

Alan Bland enjoyed a lengthy career in the UK water industry before creating his own consultancy business (AB-ility Consultancy) and working internationally. Alan initially qualified as a civil engineer and water engineer, designing and supervising the construction of new works for water supply, before specialising in water resources engineering, including studying for a Master of Science degree in the subject, following which he worked on some large water resources projects.

Alan broadened his experience further with roles in the UK water industry that included wastewater management, capital planning, business planning and economic regulation, before deciding to work as an independent consultant. He has since completed numerous projects for UK water and wastewater companies, as well as projects in the Far East (The Philippines, Indonesia), the Middle East (Saudi Arabia) and parts of Europe.

Most of these consultancy projects have concerned business planning and business improvement, but Alan has also advised on regulatory matters, asset management and quality assurance (including carrying out technical audits for several UK water companies).

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